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The Add-AcmaSchemaAttribute cmdlet creates a new attribute in the ACMA database


Add-AcmaSchemaAttribute -Name<string> -Type Binary|BinaryNotIndexable|Boolean|DateTime|Integer|Reference|String|StringNotIndexable -IsMultivalued $true|$false -IsIndexed $true|$false -Operation ImportOnly|ImportExport|ExportOnly|AcmaInternalTemp|AcmaInteral



The name of the attribute


The data type of the attribute
Type Description
Binary A binary value up to 800 bytes in length
BinaryNotIndexable A binary value over 800 bytes in length
Boolean A Boolean value
DateTime A date and time value
Integer A 64-bit integer value
Reference A reference-type value
String A string value up to 400 characters in length
StringNotIndexable A string value over 400 characters in length


Indicates if the attribute contains multiple values. This is not valid for Boolean values.


Indicates if the attribute values are indexed. Boolean and non-indexable types cannot be indexed


Defines the types of operations allowed on this attribute
Operation Description
AcmaInternal The attribute is not visible to FIM
AcmaInternalTemp The attribute is not visible to FIM, and its value is never saved to the database
ExportOnly The attribute is visible to FIM, but can only be exported (write-only)
ImportExport The attribute is visible to FIM, and can be imported and exported
ImportOnly The attribute is visible to FIM, but can only be imported (read-only)


Add-AcmaSchemaAttribute -Name "accountName" -Type String -IsMultivalued $false -IsIndexed $true -Operation ImportExport
Add-AcmaSchemaAttribute -Name "accountDisabled" -Type Boolean -IsMultivalued $false -IsIndexed $false -Operation ImportExport

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