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Extension exit events

ACMA allows you to create your own custom exit event to perform an action when an event is raised. Extension events are written in .NET (either C# or VB.NET). Extension events implement the Lithnet.Acma.IAcmaExternalEventExtensible interface.


Event name

All events must have a unique name that is used to identify the event

Event is disabled

Events can be disabled to prevent them from being raised and executed

Extension path

The path to the DLL containing the class that implements IAcmaExternalEventExtensible

Class name

The name of the class that implements IAcmaExternalEventExtensible

Execute event asynchronously

The extensible event can either be run synchronously or asynchronously, In synchronous mode, ACMA will wait for the event to complete before moving onto the next export object. In asynchronous mode, ACMA will run extensible events on a separate thread, and continue to process export objects. ACMA will wait until all operations have completed before signaling to the FIM sync engine that the export has completed.

On error

When exporting synchronously, you can abort the export operation on the object, and return an error to the sync engine. When exporting asynchronously, you can only log the error to the ACMA log file.

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