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SID to domain


This transform takes a user SID, and extracts the Active Directory domain from it. You can choose to return the domain information either as
  1. A binary SID value
  2. A string SID value
  3. The NetBIOS name of the domain

The transform can only return the NetBIOS name of the domain, if that domain is known to the server where the transform is executing. If the domain cannot be resolved into a name, the string representation of the SID is returned


Parameter Description
Format Specifies the format that the domain SID should be returned as

Input Type

The transform accepts a binary SID as an input.

Multiple input values

The transform accepts multiple input values, and processes each of them individually.

Return Type

The transform returns either a binary or string value depending on the format chosen.


Input value Format Output value
<Binary User SID> Binary SID <Binary Domain SID>
<Binary User SID> SID String <Domain SID String>
<Binary User SID> NetBIOS Name DOMAIN

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