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Attribute Constructors

Attribute constructors are used within ACMA to create, update, and delete attribute values.

Execution conditions

Each constructor can have one or more rules that determine if it should execute or not. A constructor whose conditions are met is allowed to execute, while those that don't are skipped. While execution conditions are optional, careful thought should be given to using a constructor without execution rules. These constructors may execute unconditionally every time an object is exported and modify the attribute values unintentionally. However, execution conditions on constructor groups may be enough to stop this from happening. Careful planning, design, and testing of constructors, groups and their execution conditions is required.

Constructor types

There are 5 types of attribute constructors

Constructor groups

Attribute constructors can be placed into constructor groups. Constructor groups can have their own execution conditions on them, which prevent all its child constructors from executing if its conditions are not met.

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